Chamfer command creates a chamfer dimension on a chamfer.

To create a chamfer dimension.

  1. Activate the “Chamfer” command
  2. Select chamfer
  3. Select a reference edge connected with chamfer.
  4. Define location.
  5. Finish command

You can show the chamfer dimension in four different style

To change dimension style:

  1. Right-click on dimension and select “Settings” from the opening list
  2. Select the “Chamfer” tab
  3. Change “Style” in the “Chamfer Format”
    1. Symbol
    2. Size
    3. Size and Angle
    4. Angle and Size
  4. You can change the Leader format style in this tab. 
    1. Leader Perpendicular to chamfer
    2. Leader Parallel to chamfer
    3. Linear Chamfer dimension

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