The Chamfer command creates chamfer on edges by adding or subtracting volume on solid bodies.

Its usage is very similar to the Edge Blend command.

To activate Chamfer command

  • Click the “Chamfer” command icon on Home Ribbon Bar.
  • Select “Edge Blend” command from “Menu=> Insert => Detail Feature => Chamfer”

To use chamfer command select edges to chamfer when the “chamfer” dialog box opened. As you select edges, the model on the screen will be updated and chamfer on edge will be shown. You can change or define chamfer values by typing value in boxes or by dragging arrow on the screen.

There are three different options to make chamfers on edge. You can change the cross-section type by clicking on the box near the “Cross Section” tab.

Cross Section Types:

  • Symmetric: Both sides’ distance of the chamfer is equal to the edge.
  • Asymmetric: Both sides’ distance of the chamfer to edge is different and you can freely change each side of the chamfer.

Offset and Angle: The distance of the chamfer arranged by distance and angle.

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