Bends sheet metal model by the reference of a line that lies on the sheet metal.

To activate command:

  • Home => Bend Group => More Gallery => Bend Gallery => Bend”
  • Menu => Insert => Bend => Bend”

For Using “Bend” command:

  • Activate the “Bend” command.
  • Select a line or create a sketch to draw a line. (“Select Curve” highlighted when the command starts)
  • Arrange direction and side
    • Double click arrows on the screen to change direction or side
    • Click the reverse box on the command window in the Bend properties tab.
  • Define bend angle
    • Move point cursor on the screen
    • Type angle value in “Angle” box in “Bend Properties
  • To change the bending position due to line change “Inset” settings in the “Bend Properties” tab.
  • Click MMB or “Ok” to finish.

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