Auto Dimensioning in NX

Auto dimensions created automatically in NX, during curves created in the Sketch application.  

These auto dimensions might cause performance problems in large sketches.

Also, you might want to work in a cleaner sketch with no auto dimension.

To disable auto dimensions in NX.

  1. Start the “Customer Defaults”
    File => Utilities => Customer Defaults
  2. Select Inferred “Constraints and Dimensions” in the “Sketch” on the left side of the Customer Defaults dialog box.
  3. Select the “Dimensions” tab in the dialog box.
  4. Turn of the checkbox near the “Continuous auto Dimensioning in Design Applications”.
  5. Click “Ok” in the dialog box.
  6. Close the “Customer Defaults”.
  7. Restart NX

You can hide the auto dimensions in the sketch by using the “Display Sketch Auto Dimensions” command in the sketch application. This command does not disable auto dimensioning. Auto dimensions created but not visible in the sketch. If you turn on this command, you can see all auto dimensions in the sketch.

To activate command: 

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Constraints Group => Drop Down Arrow => Display Sketch Auto Dimensions (Sketch created by using Sketch in Task Environment)
  • Menu => Tools => Constraints => Display Sketch Auto Dimensions

Note 1: Display Sketch Auto Dimensions function only works if the auto dimensions active. If you disabled Auto Dimensioning by using Customer Defaults, no auto dimension will be created and shown. 

Note 2: This command only makes visible or invisible auto constraints. There is no effect on the creation of the auto dimensions.

You can create auto dimensions by using the “Auto Dimension” Command in the “Home Ribbon Bar” in the sketch application.
Home Ribbon Bar => Constraints Group => Drop Down Arrow => Auto Dimension (Sketch created by using Sketch in Task Environment)

To create auto dimensions activate the “Auto Dimension” command and select curve/curves in the sketch.

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