Area Fill

Area Fill command is used for filling the specified area by pattern or solid color.

You can change pattern type, scale, angle, color, and width for patterns.

To fill area by color or pattern:

  1. Activate “Area Fill” command
  2. Define Boundary. You can define the boundary in two different ways. You can select more than one area.
    1. Point in region: Click inside the area you want to fill.
    2. Boundary Cuves: Select curves to define a closed contour. 
  3. Set the settings for pattern from the “Settings” tab in the dialog box.
    1. Pattern: You can select “Pattern” or “Solid fill”. If you want to color area select “Solid Fill”.
    2. Color: Select color for the pattern or solid fill.
  4. Click “Ok” or “Apply” to finish command.

Tip: If you color the area by defining a color, but it seems black, probably the drawing is set as “Monochrome”. To see color on drawing right-click on the “Drawing” in the part navigator list and deactivate “Monochrome” from the list.

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