Angular Dimension

“Angular Dimension” command creates an angular dimension between two straight lines.

You can create an angular dimension in two different ways.

  • Activate “Angular Dimension” command in the Home Ribbon Bar => Dimension Group
  • Activate the “Rapid Dimension” command and change “Method” in the “Measurement” tab as “Angular”. Also, you can create an angle dimension in this command by selectin two non-parallel straight lines.

To create an “Angular Dimension” select two straight lines after command activated. 

Note 1: If you want to change selected edge after angular dimension created

  1. Double click on angle dimension to open the edit dialog box
  2. Look References tab and click on “Select first object” or “Select Second Object”. The selected edge in the view will be highlighted.
  3. Select the right edge when the wrong edge selected in the “References” tab
  4. Click twice the middle mouse button.

Note 2: If you can not select the second age for dimensioning, Set the “Driving” method as “Inferred” or “Driven” in the command dialog box.  

Note 3: If you can not select dimension location and the new “Angular Dimension” command starts after selecting two edges, Deselect “Place Automatically” in the command dialog box.

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