Aligning Circle Center

In the sketch application, you can align the circle center after drawing the circle freely.

To align the circle center by dragging:

  • Select the circle center and hold the left mouse button
  • Drag the circle to the new location
  • A constraint icon will appear when you move the circle center on an object
  • Release the left mouse button.

To align the circle center by selecting object:

  • Select the circle center 
  • Select the object to align
  • Select constraint type from the opening pop-up.

Problem: I can not select an object behind the sketch

Solution: Change “Selection Scope” in the top bar. Probably it is set as a “Within Active Sketch Only”. In this circumstance, you can select objects only in the sketch. Change selectin scope as “With Work part Only” or “Entire Assembly”

Problem 2: I can not select assembly objects when drawing a sketch in an active part in the assembly.

Solution 2: This is a common problem in assembly modeling. This problem occurs because of changes in the “Selection Scope”. Set Selection Scope as “Entire Assembly”

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