Thicken a Face in NX Modeling

You can create a solid body by thickening a sheet body or solid body faces in NX Modeling. For this operation, the “Thicken” command is used. The “Thicken” command offsets the face along the selected face normal.

To thicken face:

  1. Start the “Thicken” command.
    Surface Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Thicken
  2. Select face to thicken
  3. Set the offset values.
    The distance of the first and second walls of the thickened surface from the selected surface
  4. The preview of the thickened wall will appear in the graphics window.
  5. Click on “Ok” in the command dialog box.

Note: You can create a solid body by using the “Thicken command but also you can unite or subtract this solid body from the existing body in the model.

  1. Change the “Boolean” method in the “Boolean” group as
    1. None
    2. Unite
    3. Subtract
    4. Intersect
  2. If you can not see the “Boolean” group in the dialog box, click on the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the dialog box.

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