Suppress Component in NX Assembly

You can hide components permanently in NX Assembly. When you suppress a component, The show/hide command can not show suppressed component. You can see the suppressed component in the Assembly Navigator but it seems blue and colorless because of suppression.
To hide components completely in NX Assembly

  1. Start the “Suppress Component” command.
  2. Select Component.
  3. Click the “Ok” button in the dialog box.
  4. The part will be disappeared from the graphics window and the part in the assembly navigator changes to colorless blue.

To call back and show the suppressed components in NX Assembly

  1. Start the “Unsuppress Component” command.
  2. A dialog box will open and the suppressed components will be listed in the dialog box.
  3. Select components to unsuppress.
    (For multiple selections press “Ctrl”)
  4. Click the “Ok” button to unsuppress selected components.

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