Sketch Origin Problem in Siemens NX

NX Release: 2206

Sketch origin is not created on the projection of the work part origin by the default settings of the NX. The sketch origin is created on the nearest edge corner of the selected planar face.

If you want the sketch origin will be created on the projection of the work part origin, you should change the “Customer Default” setting as shown in the figure.

To change the sketch origin creation method:

  1. Open the “Customer Defaults”
  2. Select the “General” Bar under the “Sketch” Bar.
  3. Select the “Session Settings” tab
  4. Change the “Origin Method” to “Use Work Part Origin”
  5. Click the “Ok” button in the dialog box. The dialog box will close.
  6. Restart NX.

Important Note: If this method not working, turn on the checkbox near the “Display ‘Origin Method’ on Create Sketch Dialog” as shown in the figure. (Restart NX)

The “Origin Method” setting will be activated in the sketch dialog box as shown in the figure. In the sketch dialog box change the “Origin Method” setting to “Use Work Part Origin”. This setting will be fixed on the sketch command dialog box. 

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