Scale Curve in NX Sketch

You can scale the selected curves in NX Sketching by using the “Scale Curve” command. The “Scale Curve” command is currently hidden in the latest NX versions. To relocate the command to the ribbon bar turn on the visibility of the command as shown in the figure. (Change the “More Gallery” visibility as shown in the figure)

To Scale Curves:

  1. Start the “Scale Curve” command. (The figure shows the command location)
  2. The dialog box will open.
  3. Select curves to scale. (“Select Curve” in the “Curve” group is active)
  4. An arrow will be seen on the curves. The arrow start point is the scaling center. If you want to change the scale center. Click on the “Specify Scale Point” bar and activate it. Specify a new scaling center in the graphics screen.
  5. Type scale factor.
  6. The preview will be seen in the graphics window.
  7. Click the “Ok” button to scale curves and exit the command.

Note 1: You can scale curves by referencing the distance on the curves.

  1. Method: Dynamic
  2. Set the “Scaling” to “Distance”.
  3. Specify Motion Point and Scale Point in the graphics window.
  4. Type new “Distance” or drag the arrowhead in the graphics screen.
  5. Click “Ok”

Note 2: You can scale the curves by using “Dimensions” on the curves.

  1. Change the “Method” in the “Scale” group to “Dimension”.
  2. Select the dimension on the selected curves.
  3. Specify scale point.
  4. Type a new dimension value in the dimension box.
  5. Click the “Ok” button in the command dialog box.

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