Revolve command in NX Modeling

You can create a solid body or a feature on the solid body by rounding a closed section around a selected axis by using the “Revolve” command.

To create revolved solid body:

  1. Start the “revolve” command.
  2. The dialog box will open and “Select Curve” in the “Section” group is highlighted. Select closed region curves to revolve.
  3. Click the middle mouse button. The “Specify vector” in the “Axis” group will be highlighted. Select the rotation axis in the graphics screen.
  4. The revolved body preview will be seen in the graphics window.
  5. You can move the rotation axis.
    1. Click on the “Specify Point” bar in the “Axis” group.
    2. Select a point in the graphics screen to move the axis.
  6. Specify limiting angles for the revolved body.
  7. Click “Ok” in the command dialog box to create a revolved solid body and finish the command.

Note: Limiting settings and Boolean operations are written before in the Extrude post.

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