Resize Bend Angle in NX Sheet Metal

Sometimes you might need to change the bend angle in the completed sheet metal design in NX Sheet Metal Application.

If you change a bend angle by editing the previous feature, there might be some unwanted changes or deformations on the created sheet metal model. If you want to prevent these unwanted changes you can use the “Resize Bend” command.

To change the Bend angle in NX Sheet Metal

  1. Start the “Resize Bend Angle” command.
    • Menu => Insert => Resize => “Resize Bend Angle”
    • Home Ribbon Bar => Resize Group => “Resize Bend Angle” (hidden)
  2. The dialog box will open.
    The “Select Face or Edge” in the “Stationary Face or Edge” group is highlighted automatically at the start.
  3. Select a stationary face on the model.
    The “Select Face” in the “Bend” group will be highlighted automatically.
  4. Select a bend to change its angle.
  5. Type a new angle value into the “Angle” box or drag the angle indicator in the graphics window.
  6. The preview will be seen in the graphics window.
  7. Click the “Ok” button to resize the bend angle.

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