Replacing Component in NX Assembly

You can change a component (part, sub-assemblies) with another component in NX Assembly. In this operation the selected component is removed from the assembly then another component is replaced with it.
The “Replace Component” command is used for this operation

  • Assembly Ribbon Bar => Component Group => More Drop-Down Arrow => Component Group => “Replace Component”
  • Menu => Assemblies =>Components => “Replace Component”
  • Right-click on the component => Select “Replace Component”

To replace component:

  1. Start the “Replace Component” command.
  2. Select Component to remove. (“Select Component” bar in the “Component to Replace” group is highlighted automatically)
  3. Click the middle mouse button to activate the “Replacement Part” group.
  4. Select a part to replace.
    • You can select a part in the graphics window by clicking on it.
    • You can select a loaded part listed in the “Loaded Parts” list in the dialog box.
    • You can select a part in the hard drive. Click on the “Folder” icon near the “Browse”
  5. If you want to replace all components in the assembly, turn on the checkbox near the “Replace All Occurrences in Assembly”.
  6. If you want to keep the constraints of the replacing part, turn on the checkbox near “Maintain Relationships”.
  7. Click the “Ok” button to replace components and exit from the command.

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