Project Objects into the NX Sketch

You can project objects to active sketch in NX by using the “Project Curve” command. The figure below shows the command location in the Ribbon bar.

To project curves to sketch

  1. Start the “Project Curve” command in the location of
    Home Ribbon Bar => Include Group => More Drop Down Arrow => Project Curve
  2. The command dialog will open
  3. Select the objects to project.
    (Edges, curves, Points, etc..)
  4. The previews of the projected curves will be seen in the graphics window.
  5. Click “Ok” to create projected curves and exit the command.

Note: If you have selection problems when using the “Project Curve” command, you can use the “Selection Methods” in the “Selection Scene Bar” as shown in the figure. As the figure shows you can select Single Curve, Connected Curves, Feature Curves, Face Edges, Body Edges, Curves in Group, and Infer Curves.

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