Polygon in NX Sketching

In NX Sketching you can create polygons by using the “Polygon” command. The “Polygon” command is hidden in the sketching home ribbon bar in the newer versions.

To make visible the “Polygon” command turn on the visibility on the path of “Home Ribbon Bar => drop-down arrow on the bottom left of the “Curve” group => More Gallery => Curve Gallery => Polygon” (To make visible this command all the selections on the path should be turned on. )

To create a polygon in the NX Sketch:

  1. Start the “Polygon” command
    • Click on the “Polygon” command in the “Home Ribbon Bar” (First make it visible)
      Home Ribbon Bar => Curve Group => More drop-down arrow => Polygon
    • Menu => Insert => Curve => Polygon
  2. Specify a center point of the polygon in the graphics window.
  3. Type the number of the sides in the “Sides” tab.
  4. In the Size tab, you can specify the size, and angle of the polygon.
    1. Specify Point: you can specify a point in the graphics window to create a polygon. (No dimension will be created on the polygon. you can change its size by dragging its edge.)
    2. Size: There are three different dimensioning methods in the size setting.
      • Inscribed Radius: You can specify a radius of the circle inside the polygon, the circumstance is tangent to the polygon sides.
      • Circumscribed Radius: You can specify a circle radius outside of the circle that is connected to the corner points of the polygon.
      • Side Length: You can specify the side length to determine the size of the polygon
    3. Type the “Radius” size and “Rotation” angle
  5. In the “Settings” tab turn on the “Create Persistent Relation” checkbox to create a polygon with dimensions and constraints.
  6. Click the middle mouse button or click on the “Close” button in the dialog box.

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