Open File Error in Siemens NX

NX Release: 2206

In some conditions in NX, you might see a warning pop-up box on the window, when you try to open an NX File. This problem is seen when you are working on a project and then try to open an existing NX file.

On the warning pop-up window:

Could not open ……….. .prt
The following files could not be loaded, causing this open to fail
– – – – .prt – Part is not a valid version of component part

This problem occurs because one of the created-opened working files has the same file name as the file you try to open in the same NX session.

For example:

  1. I create a new file named “Model1”
  2. I try to open an assembly file.
  3. A warning message pop-up in the NX window.
  4. There is a part in the assembly file named “Model1”.
  5. Two different parts with the same name can’t be in one NX session.
  6. That’s because you see a warning alert box when trying to open the NX file.

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