Offset Curve in Siemens NX Modeling

You can create an offset curve of selected curves or edges at a specified distance through a specified vector or plane in the Siemens NX modeling.

The “Offset Curve” command is used to create offset curves in the NX Modeling.

  • Curve Ribbon Bar => Derived Group => Offset Curve
  • Menu => Insert => Derived Group => Offset

To create offset Curves:

  1. Start the “Offset Curve” command.
  2. Select curves or edges in the graphics window to create offset curves
  3. Type the distance value into the “Distance” box.
  4. Click the “Reverse Direction” box, if you want the change the offset direction.
  5. The preview of the offset will be seen in the graphics window if the offset can be created by the program
  6. Click on the “OK” button to create offset curves and exit from the command.

Note: Sometimes you might have problems when creating offset on the curves set chain. In this case, you can create offset curves step by step. Do not try to create all offsets in one “Offset Curve” command. You can create offsets by using the “Offset Curve” command more than once.

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