Normal Cutout in NX Sheet Metal

In NX sheet metal you can not use extrude command to remove material from the sheet metal body. On the other hand, the modeled part and the part manufactured by the sheet metal process might be different.

In sheet metal design the “Normal Cutout” command is used for removing material from the solid body. The figure shows the difference between the usage of the “Normal Cutout” and extrude command in NX Sheet metal design.

Also, you can use the “Normal Cutout” command on the unbended body. After you rebend the body the removed region will adopt itself as seen in the figure.

To remove material from the sheet metal.:

  1. Start the “Normal Cutout” command.
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Normal Cutout
    2. Menu => Insert => Cut => Normal Cutout
  2. Select curves to define the remove section. (the “Select Curve” in the “Section” Group is highlighted automatically.)
    Note: Also you can create a new sketch in this command by clicking the “Sketch Section” icon in the “Select Curve” bar. But if you exit this command by mistake, the created sketch will disappear.
  3. Set the “Cut Method” as thickness, Mid-Plane, or Nearest face. (In this example “Thickness” is selected.)
  4. Select the limit method.
    1. Value
    2. Between
    3. Until Next
    4. Through All
  5. Define depth value. You can type the depth value or drag the arrowhead in the graphics window.
  6. Click the “Ok” button to create a cutout in the sheet metal part.

To remove volume from the bended sheet metal:

  1. Unbend the sheet metal part feature by using the “Unbend” command.
  2. Start the “Normal Cutout” command.
  3. Select curves to define the section.
  4. The preview will appear in the graphics window.
  5. Click the “Ok” button to remove the volume from the flattened sheet metal.
  6. Rebend the modified sheet metal by using the “Rebend” command.

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