Moving Components in NX Assembly

You can move and/or rotate components in the NX Assembly file. You can move freely or at a specified distance or angle. Also, you can use reference points to move components.
The “Move Component” command is used for this operation.
Methods to activate the “Move Component” command.

  1. Click on the “Move Component” command on the
    1. Assemblies Ribbon Bar => Position Group => Move Component
    2. Menu => assemblies => Component Position => Move Component
  2. Hold the right mouse button on the component.
    Quick Acces commands will appear in the graphics window.
    Move the right mouse button on the “Move Component” command and release the right mouse button.
  3. Right-click on the component and select the Move command

To move components in NX Assembly:

  1. Start the “Move Component” command.
  2. If not selected, select a component. To select components the “Select Component” bar should be highlighted. (You can select more than one component)
  3. Look at the command dialog box. If the “Specify Orientation” bar in the “Transform” group is not highlighted, click the middle mouse button to activate it.
  4. If the “Specify Orientation” bar is highlighted you can move, rotate or change the component position.
    1. To move:
      1. Click on the direction handle.
        Type the distance value in the “Distance” box.
        Press enter.
      2. Drag the arrowhead in the graphics window.
    2. To Rotate:
      1. Click on the angle handle.
        Type the angle value in the “Angle” box.
        Press enter.
      2. Drag the angle-handle graphics window.
    3. To Relocate:
      1. Click on the center ball. Click on the new location in the graphics window. You can snap to a new point.
      2. Drag the center ball to a new location.
  5. If you want to move components, change the “Mode” to “Copy” in the “Copy” group before step 4.
  6. Click on the “Ok” button to finish the command. (Also you can press the middle mouse button twice to finish the command)

Note: If you want to move the handle without moving the component. Turn on the checkbox near the “Move Handles Only”. This is mostly used to relocate components for snapping to other components by using the handle center.

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