Linear Pattern in NX Modeling

Linear Pattern is the pattern method that creates straight patterns through a linear reference.
In a linear pattern you can create;

  • straight pattern
  • mirrored patterns
  • patterns in two directions.

To create a linear pattern:

  1. Start the “Pattern Feature” command.
  2. The command dialog box will pop up in the graphics window.
  3. The “Select Feature” bar in the “Feature to Pattern” group is highlighted automatically. If it is not highlighted, Click on the “Select Feature” bar to activate it.
  4. Select features to create the first pattern.
  5. Click the middle mouse button to activate the “Specify Vector” in the “Pattern Definition” group.
  6. Select a straight object to specify the first direction of the pattern.
  7. Set the Spacing method to “Count and Span”. Also, you can select other spacing methods if you want to use another method.
    1. Count and Pitch
    2. Count and Span
    3. Pitch and Span
    4. List
    5. Points
  8. Type Count and pitch values.
  9. If you want to mirror the pattern, Turn on the “Symmetric” checkbox.
  10. If you want to create a second linear pattern, Turn on the “Use Direction 2” checkbox in the “Direction 2” group.
  11. Repeat the step 6, 7, 8, and 9 for direction 2
  12. Click the “Ok” button in the command dialog box to create the pattern and exit the command.

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