Dividing Curves in NX Sketch

You can divide curves into equal or unequal pieces, by bounding segments, arc length segments, at knot points, and at corners in NX Sketching. The “Divide Curve” command is currently hidden in the latest NX versions.
To make visible the “Divide Curve” command:

  1. Type “Divide Curve” in the “Search” box on the top left of the NX graphics window. Then Press “Enter”
  2. The “Search” tab will be active and the commands will be listed in this window.
  3. Click the right mouse button on the “Divide Curve” bar and click on the “Show on Menu”
  4. The command will locate at the end of the “Home Ribbon Bar”

To Divide Curves in NX sketching:

  1. Start the “Divide Curve” command
  2. Set the dividing Method on the top menu in the dialog box.
    1. Equal Segments: Divides Curves into equal segments.
    2. By Bounding Objects: You can divide curves using objects that intersect with curves.
    3. Arc Length Segments: Divides by using segment length.
    4. At Knot Points: Divides the spline by using poles on it. You can select or unselect dividing poles on the curve.
    5. At Corners: you can divide the curve at corners.
  3. Select the curve to divide.
  4. Specify the number of segments, length of segments, dividing objects, etc… due to the dividing method.
  5. Click the “Ok” Button to divide the curve and exit the command.

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