Divide Face in NX Modeling

You can divide the faces of the solid bodies in the NX modeling. These Divided Faces can be used for painting masking details, marking or lettering details on the model, or technical drawing. Also, the divided faces can be used for editing models by using synchronous modeling commands such as “Pull Face” commands.

The “Divide Face” command is used for dividing faces.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => More Gallery => Trim Gallery => Divide Face
  • Menu => Insert => Trim => Divide Face

To divide faces by using the “Divide Face” command:

  1. Start the “Divide Face” command.
  2. Select faces to divide.
    (“Select Face” under the “Faces to Divide” group is active automatically)
  3. Activate the “Select object” in the “Dividing Objects” group.
    1. One-click on the middle mouse button
    2. Click on the “Select Object” in the “Dividing Objects” group in the command dialog box.
  4. Select dividing objects. (Sketches, curves,)
  5. Click “Ok” to divide faces and finish the command.

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