Dimple in NX Sheet Metal

You can offset a sketch region to create a dimple feature on the sheet metal in NX as shown in the figure.

To create a dimple

  1. Start the “Dimple” command.
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Punch Group => Dimple
    2. Menu => Insert => Punch => Dimple
  2. The “Dimple” dialog box will open.
  3. Select a sketch on a planar sheet metal surface to offset
    (Also you can create a new sketch on the planar surface of the sheet metal by clicking on an empty area on the planar sheet metal surface when the command is active.)
  4. Click on the “Reverse Side” icon in the “Dimple Properties” group, if you want to change the dimple direction.
  5. Type the depth value or drag the depth arrow in the graphics window.
  6. Type the “Side Angle” or drag angle indicator ball in the graphics window.
  7. Set the “Side Walls” side as “Material Outside” or Material Inside”
  8. Click on the “Settings” group bar to open it.
    If you can not see the “Settings” group in the dialog box, click on the drop-down arrow under the dialog box to open all dialog options.
  9. You can open or close the “Blend Dimple Edges” or “Blend Section Curves”.
    Punch Radius: Inner radius between offset surface and dimple wall.
    Die Radius: Inner radius between the main surface selected at step 3 and dimple wall.
    Corner Radius: Softens the sharp corners of the sketch by blending with a defined radius.
  10. The preview of the dimple will be seen in the graphics window.
  11. Click the “Ok” button to create a dimple and exit from the command.

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