Creating a Taper on the Flange

You can create a taper on the bended feature of the sheet metal model in NX Sheet Metal Design.

For this operation the “Bend Taper” command is used which is currently hidden on the ribbon bar by the default settings.

The location of the “Bend Taper” command in NX

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Corner Group => More Gallery => Corner Gallery => Bend Taper (hidden by the default settings)
  • Menu => Insert => Cut => Bend Taper

To taper a bended feature by using the “Bend Taper” command

  1. I will modify this part by using the “Bend Taper” command.
  2. Start the “Bend Taper” command.
  3. Select the stationary face.
    The “Select Face or Edge” in the “Stationary Face or Edge” is selected at the start automatically.
  4. Set the “Taper Sides” method in the “Taper Properties” group.
    1. Both
    2. Side 1
    3. Side 2
    4. Symmetric
    5. In the Taper definition group, you can define taper properties such as Taper type, method, angle, or distance
    6. If you want to taper the flange on the bend, set the “Taper” to “Face” or “Face Chain”
    7. Type the “Face Angle”
  5. The preview will apeear in the graphics window.
  6. Click the “Ok” button to create a bend taper.

Note: You can select only one bended feature in the “Bend Taper” command.

For example; You should use four times “Bend Taper” command to edit four bended flange feature.

To edit multiple bended features on the sheet metal:

  1. In this figure; the sheet metal bended flanges overlap each other as seen in the figure.
  2. Unbend the sheet metal
  3. Create a sketch on the flattened sheet metal.
  4. Remove the sketch contour by using the “Normal Cutout” command.

  5. Rebend the sheet metal.
  6. As you see in the figure overlapped regions of the sheet metal are removed from the model.

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