Creating a Ridge in NX Sheet Metal

You can create a ridge on the planar sheet metal surface in the NX Sheet Metal Application.

There are three different ridge types circular, U-shaped, and V-shaped.

To create a ridge on a sheet metal surface.

  1. Create a sketch on the sheet metal planar face and drive a curve path.
    Note: For this operation, the selected sketch curves must be on a continuous tangent path.
  2. Exit from the sketch.
  3. Start the “Bead” command.
  4. The command dialog box will open.
  5. Select the sketch created in Step 1.
  6. Select the “Cross Section” type.
    1. Circular
    2. U-shaped
    3. V-shaped
  7. Set the Depth and Radius values.
  8. If you use an open path set the “End Condition” method
    1. Formed
    2. Lanced
    3. Punched
  9. If you want to create a blend on the bead edge and change its radius value
    1. Open the “Settings” Group.
    2. If there is no “Settings group in the command dialog box. Click on the drop-down arrow under the dialog box to open the “Settings” group.
    3. Turn on the checkbox near the “Blend Bead Edges”
    4. Type the new radius value into the “Die Radius” box.
  10. The preview of the bead will be seen in the graphics window if the design has no problem.
    (If the “Preview” was ticked.)
  11. Click the “Ok” button to create a bead.

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