Copying Body Face in NX

You can copy solid body faces and then create a sheet face by using these copied faces.
To create a sheet face from the solid body faces

  1. Start the ” Extract Geometry” command.
    • Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => Extract Geometry
    • Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group options arrow (on the left-bottom of the group) => More Gallery => Copy Gallery => Extract Geometry (Currently Hidden)
  2. Select the “Face” on the first drop-down list
  3. Set the “Face Option” in the “Face Group” to “Face Chain
    Note: This option creates one feature on the part navigator for the “Extract Geometry” command. On the other hand, features are created on the part navigator for each faces selected for copying. You can not edit all faces with one operation. (For this example in the figure, 14 features will be created on the part navigator, if you do not select the “Face Chain”)
  4. Select faces to copy
  5. Click on the “Ok” button to create copied faces and exit the command.

Note: If you want to create a link between the body face and created sheet face, Turn on the “Associative” setting in the “Settings” group. (It might have performance problems on complex parts.)

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