Converting 3d Model to Sheet Metal

The existing 3d non-metal solid parts can be converted to sheet metal NX files. There are two different methods and commands in the “Convert” group for transforming 3d models to sheet metal models.

  1. Convert to Sheet Metal: converts 3d solid body to sheet metal part
  2. Sheet Metal from Solid: builds a sheet metal by using selected planar faces of the model.

In the tutorials below we will create a sheet metal part by using the 3d model in the figure.

Converting solid body to sheet metal by using the “Convert to Sheet Metal”

Note: You can convert external files such as stp, igs, Solidworks, etc.. files to sheet metal files by using this command.

  1. Open the existing 3d model or import stp, igs file.
  2. Start the sheet metal application. (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  3. Click on the “Convert to Sheet Metal” command.
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Convert Group => “Convert to Sheet Metal”
    2. Menu => Insert => Convert => “Convert to Sheet Metal”
  4. The command dialog box will open.
  5. Select the base face for the sheet metal
  6. If you can not see the preview of the sheet metal turn on the checkbox near the Preview. Also, you can click on the “Show result” icon to see the preview of the result in the graphics window.
  7. Click on the “Ok” in the dialog box to convert the solid body to sheet metal and exit from the command.

Note 1: All the sheet metal wall thickness should be equal for full conversion of the body. On the other hand, the command will only convert the walls which wall thickness equals the selected base face wall.

Note 2: The created sheet metal thickness will be equal to the selected base face wall thickness. Check the sheet metal thickness after the “Convert to Sheet Metal” command is used.

Building a sheet metal on the planar faces of the 3d model.

  1. Open NX 3d model or Import 3d external model files such as stp, iges, catia, etc…
  2. Change the application to Sheet Metal. (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  3. Click on the “Sheet Metal from Solid” command.
  4. Select planar faces on the body.
  5. Check the sheet metal direction. If you want to change the direction click on the reverse icon in the “Thickness” group.
  6. The sheet metal preview will be seen in the graphics window. If not, tick the “Preview” check mark.
  7. Click on “Ok” to build a sheet metal body and exit from the command.

Note: Check the sheet metal thickness, bend parameters, and differences between the non-metal body and created sheet metal body.

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