Closed Corner in NX Sheet Metal

You can close the empty area between two flanges in NX sheet metal as shown in the figure below.

To close corners between flanges:

  1. Start the “Closed Corner” command.
    1. Home Ribbon Bar => Corner Group => “Closed Corner”
    2. Menu => Insert => Corner => Closed Corner
  2. Select bends to close their ends.
    You can select more than one bend set. The order of selection is important.
  3. Set the “Closed Corner” method as “Close and Relief.
  4. Select the “Treatment” method in the “Corner Properties”
    1. Open
    2. Closed
    3. Circular Cutout
    4. U Cutout
    5. V Cutout
    6. Rectangular Cutout
  5. Select the “Overlap” method.
    1. None
    2. Side 1
    3. Side 2
  6. Set the “Relief Properties”
  7. Click “Ok” to close corners between flanges.

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