Circular Feature Pattern in NX Modeling

Circular Feature Pattern is the pattern method that creates a circular pattern on a circular circumstance referenced by a rotation axis.

To create a circular feature pattern:

  1. Start the “Pattern Feature” command.
  2. The “Select Feature” bar in the “Feature to Pattern” group is highlighted automatically. If it is not highlighted, Click on the “Select Feature” bar to activate it.
  3. Select patterning features.
  4. Click the middle mouse button to activate the “Specify Vector” in the “Rotation Axis” group.
  5. Select a straight object to specify the pattern axis.
    Also, you can select circular 3d objects. The rotation axis will be automatically selected on the center axis of the selected object.
    Note: You can move the center by using the “Specify Point” in the “Rotation Axis” group. Click on the Specify Point then select the new center point for the pattern axis.
    Note 2:
    • Specify Vector: Defines the rotation vector of the circular pattern.
    • Specify Point: Defines the circular patterning center.
  6. Select the spacing method from the list.
    • Count and Pitch:
    • Count and Span:
    • Patch and Span
  7. Type Count and pitch values.
  8. You will see the instance points on the location of the patterns.
  9. Click the “Ok” button in the command dialog box to create the pattern and exit the command.

Note: In circular patterning, the reference object shape rotates through the pattern center. If you want to fix the reference object shape direction:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow.
  2. If it is closed, click on “Orientation” to open the “Orientation” group
  3. Click on the box near “Orientation” and select “Same as Input

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