Changing Background Color in NX

You can change the background color of NX for the current working file. If you want to change the background color permanently for the default settings, change the template file in the NX folder as described below.

To change the background color in the NX working file:

  1. Click on the Background command on the path of
    View Ribbon Bar => Display Group => “Background”
  2. Background types will be opened under the command.
    1. White
    2. Light Gray
    3. Dark Gray
    4. Graduated Light Gray
    5. Graduated Dark Gray
    6. Light Theme
    7. Dark Theme
  3. Click on the background type on the opening list
  4. The background will be changed in the graphics window.

By this method, you can only change the working file background. The new files will be started with an unchanged background.

To change the NX background color permanently.

  1. Open the template file on the path of
    C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX2206\UGII\templates
  2. Copy the template files for which application you want to change.
    1. Modeling: model-plain-1-mm-template.prt
    2. Assembly: assembly-mm-template.prt
    3. Sheet Metal: sheet-metal-mm-template.prt
  3. Paste the template files to the desktop.
  4. Note: These files are read-only files. To remove this attribute:
    1. Right-click on the NX template file on the desktop. (model-plain-1-mm-template.prt)
    2. Click on “Properties” on the opening list
    3. Remove the tick on the “Read Only”
    4. Click on the “Ok” button in the properties dialog box.
  5. Start the NX.
  6. Open the model-plain-1-mm-template.prt file
  7. Click on the Background command on the path of
    View Ribbon Bar => Display Group => “Background”
  8. Change the background type
  9. Save the NX file and close the NX program
  10. Copy the modified template file on the desktop.
  11. Paste in the templates file to replace it with the original file.
    C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX2206\UGII\templates

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