Chamfer in NX Sketch

NX Release: 2206

The “Chamfer” command creates a chamfer between the two curves in the NX sketch. You can create a chamfer between connected or unconnected curves.
The “Chamfer” command can trim or extend the curves according to the selected curves.

To create a chamfer between curves

  1. Start the Chamfer command.
  2. Set the chamfer type in the “Offsets” group.
    1. Symetric
    2. Asymetric
    3. Offset and Angle
  3. Type the Distance value into the “Distance” bar in the dialog box.
  4. Select the curves in the graphics window. Also, you can drag the left mouse button on them to select
  5. Close the “Chamfer” command.
    1. Press “Esc”
    2. Press the middle mouse button.
    3. Click on the close button in the dialog box.

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