Bending Flat Sheet Metal in NX

You can bend planar sheet metal faces on a selected straight line in NX Sheet Metal Application. The bending can be created through the body or only on the selected line region.

For this operation, the “Bend” command is used.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Bend Group => Bend
  • Menu => Insert => Bend => Bend

To Bend a planar sheet metal as shown in the figure

  1. Create a sketch on the planar surface of the sheet metal.
  2. Draw a straight line on the sheet metal.
  3. Exit from the surface
  4. Start the “Bend” command.
  5. Select the created curve in step 2.
  6. The preview will occur in the graphics window.
  7. Set the angle of the bending feature.
    1. Type the angle value into the “Angle” box.
    2. Drag the angle cursor in the graphics window.
  8. To change the bending direction, click on the “Reverse Direction” icon.
  9. To change the stationary side of the sheet metal part, click on the “Reverse Side” icon.
  10. Set the “Inset” method type. It is very important for the location of the bending on the sheet metal.
  11. If you want to bend sheet metal through the body, turn on the checkbox near the “Extend Section”.

    If you want to bend part on the line, Turn off the “Extend Section” check box.
  12. Check the “Bend Parameters”
  13. Click the “Ok” button to bend sheet metal and exit from the command.

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