WAVE Geometry Linker

You can create associative or non-associative copies of the inactivated part objects, into the active (work) parts in the assembly file.

To activate select “WAVE Geometry Linker” command from “Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => WAVE Geometry Linker”

Note: This command only can be used in assembly modeling. For part modeling use the “Extract Geometry” command. Both command menus are nearly similar.

Function Properties:

  • You can only select the objects defined in the “Type” tab. If you select objects then change “Type”, your selections reset to zero.
    • Type list
      • Composite Curve
      • Point
      • Datum
      • Face
      • Region of Faces
      • Body
      • Mirror Body
  • You can change the associableness of the extracted geometry from the settings tab. If you don’t see the settings tab, click the drop-down arrow under the command window. Click or unclick box near “Associative” in the settings tab, to broke links between the coped face and extracted face.
    • You can not move linked geometry if it is associative
    • Linked objects changes due to copied feature editing, if it is associative.
  • If the copied objects disappear, Control the “Hide Original” option in the settings tab. 

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