Show & Hide

You can activate commands from:

  • View Ribbon Bar => Visibility Group => View Group
  • Top Border Bar => Show And Hide Drop Down Arrow
  • Right-click on part => commands will be opened => move mouse on hide => release right mouse button
  • Right-click on part => select “Hide from opening commands.

Show: Shows selected object/components/parts. When command activated, Screen changes to hidden status. You can see all the hidden parts when command activated. Select objects to show objects then click the middle mouse button (MMB) or “Ok” from an opening window

Hide: Hides selected objects on the screen. You can see invisible objects by activating the “Invert” or “Show” function.

Note: Sometimes I use the “Hide” command in big assemblies because of performance problems. Long update time occurs when switching windows between big assemblies and parts. When you change work parts between big assemblies and parts, it takes too long to update time on big assembly.

Solution for big assembly update time :

  • Hide your working part on big assembly.
  • Use the “Invert” command to change the screen to hidden status.
  • The hidden status is active now. You will see a single part on the screen.
  • You can make your changes on a part without performance problems.
  • After your changes finished. Activate the “Show” command then select part.
  • The hidden status screen will be empty.
  • Use “Invert” again to change screen status to visible.
  • The big assembly will be shown on the screen with no update time.

Immediate Hide: You can hide objects faster by clicking on objects.

Show All: It makes all hidden objects visible.

Invert: Changes in screen status between visible and invisible. (I use this command frequently in big assemblies. You can think inverted screens as two-screen in one work part. Do not think as hidden-shown parts. Think as parts in screen 1 – parts in screen 2)

Show All: Shows all objects in the file. (datums, parts, curves, points etc…)

Show and Hide: You can show or hide all object types from the opening command window. (Look figure). It is a very useful command to organize which types of objects will show on screen

  • Top Border Bar => Show And Hide Drop Down Arrow => “Show and Hide”

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