Project Curve

To activate command:

  • Curve Ribbon Bar => Derived  Curve Group => Project Curve
  • Menu => Insert => Derived  Curve => Project Curve

For Using “Project Curve” command:

  • Activate the “Project Curve” command.
  • Select curve to project. “Select curve or Point” highlighted automatically at the start.
  • Click MMB to activate the “Select Object” function in “Objects to Project to” tab
  • Select surface or plane to project.
  • Click MMB to activate “Specify Vector” in “Projection Direction“.
  • Define vector.
  • If the projection does not occur on the screen, change direction. You can change direction by double-clicking on the arrowhead of the direction vector in screen or reverse direction box near “Specify Vector”.
  • The preview or the projected curve will be seen on screen.
  • Click MMB or “Ok” to finish.

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