Optimize Face

It simplifies faces by merging, improving, deleting faces.

Sometimes in complex parts, it increases the PC performance.

I mostly use this command to optimize the stp imported parts. But you should be very careful. It might make changes on the part. Look carefully to model after using this command if there are any changes in the model.

“Optimize Face” command deletes feature the history of the part.

Note: Sometimes you might have a selection problem on imported parts. The selection of cylindrical edges might be a problem. This occurs because of Siemens NX can’t detect face edge as a radius or diameter. (The face is seen as a cylindrical surface but it is not) After you use the Optimize Face function, command converts face as a cylindrical surface.

For using “Optimize Face” command:

  • Activate command “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Synchronous Modelling)=>Optimize Face”
  • Select faces to optimize. (Also you can press “Ctrl+A” to select all faces )
  • Click Ok or MMB (Middle Mouse Button) to finish.

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