Move Component

You can change position, the direction of the components in assembly by the “Move Component” command.

Also, you can copy components while moving in assembly.

– Select “Move Component” command from “Menu=>Assemblies=>Component Position=> Move Component”

– Click on the “Move Component” command on Home Ribbon Bar.

– Click on the “Move Component” command on the Assemblies Ribbon Bar.

  1. Components to Move: Select components to move (to deselect components: press shift + left mouse button). After you select the component and click middle mouse button moving handle will occur in the center of the gravity of the part
  2. Transform: You can change the motion type from the box near the “Motion”. (I always use dynamic. It is enough for all movements.)
    Dynamic handle movements.
  • Point to point: Click origin of the handle then click then click new point to move the component
  • Distance: Click arrow then drag on the screen. Also, you can type distance on opening pop up.
  • Angle: Click on the point on handle defines angle. You can drag or type angle

Move Handles Only: click to move handle without component movement. Components stay stable while handles move.

3. Copy: To copy or not moving parts

  • No Copy: Move component without copying
  • Copy: Every movement of the component will create a copy of the component
  • Intermediate copy: It is for advanced users

6 thoughts on “Move Component

    1. Yes it is possible.
      Right-Click on a copied component and select “Make unique” command.
      For detailed description of the make unique command you can click here.

      1. yes i know. but what i would like is that when you move a part what you copied is directly a unique part. so not copy and them make unique

          1. is it possible to make multiple compents with the same name in one click unique?

          2. Yes it is possible. Select the parts you want to rename and save then click the right mouse button and select “Make unique” from the list.
            Multi rename and save parts by using

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