Closed Corner

Closes two adjacent flange corners in sheet metal application.

To activate command:

  • Click on command on (When sheet metal application activated.) “ Home => Corner Group => Closed Corner”
  • Activate command from “Menu => Insert => Corner => Closed Corner”

For Using “Closed Corner” command:

  • Activate the “Closed Corner” command.
  • “Select Adjacent Bends” in the “Bends to Close” tab will be highlighted automatically when command started. Select two adjacent bends.
  • If the corner is suitable for closing. The corner will be changed automatically.
  • Select the treatment type. (I mostly select “U cutout.)
  • Select overlap type as “Closed” or “Overlapping”.
  • Define the position and diameter of the cut-out. (Laser cutting machines can not cut diameters smaller than sheet metal thickness. Change diameter in “Relief Properties”)
  • Arrange an offset value.
  • Click MMB (middle mouse button) or “Ok” to finish.

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